Hospitals, offices and schools tend to require a different style of blinds to the ordinary homeowner. Fortunately, Solarfit Blinds have a significant variety of Performance Fabrics which are appropriate. Each of these fabrics have been meticulously developed and vigorously tested in challenging environments.


Antimicrobial fabrics can help to maintain a sterile environment. Within care homes, hospitals, nurseries and schools it is important to maintain as environmentally friendly an atmosphere as possible. Ultra-fresh allows fabrics to possess antifungal and antibacterial capabilities which make a blinds hygienic freshness much longer lasting.

Flame Retardant

Applying flame-retardant chemicals will result in these fabrics becoming flame-resistant. Chemicals added into the fabrics will cause the blinds to resist the flames in the event of a fire. In public buildings such as hospitals and schools it is critical that these buildings are adequately prepared in the event of a fire to occur.